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2016 Christmas Project Report

Thank You Letter from Sister Dianna

The Project

The St. Gabriel’s Project is ACRA’s on-going commitment to support the food bank operated by St. Gabriel’s Parish and serving the needy in Pointe St. Charles. ACRA has traditionally forwarded all proceeds from its Annual Golf Tournament to the food bank which distributes baskets to about 200 recipients four days a month throughout the year.

ACRA volunteers also help with St. Gabriel’s Christmas Basket Project by soliciting school and other community support, collecting their basket and cash donations, and assisting with the distribution to about 500 needy individuals and families. A separate Christmas collection among ACRA members is also contributed to St. Gabriel’s.

St. Gabriel’s accepts non-perishable food, clothing, and other donations throughout the year. These are shared with the needy of the district regardless of religious affiliation. For further information, please contact:

Sister Dianna Lieffers
St. Gabriel’s Food Bank
2157 Centre Street
Pointe St. Charles
Montreal QC H3K 1J5
Tel. 514-937-3597

The ACRA contacts for the Golf Tournament are Peter Yaworski and Kevin Marciniak.
The ACRA contact for the Christmas Basket Project is Jerry Dunn.


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