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CARRA Name Change

As you probably know CARRA does not exist any more but has been replaced with Public Sector Pension Plans, under Retraite Quebéc. The phone number listed in the Directory for CARRA is no longer active and is replaced by 1-800-463-5533    Joe Jaroslawski - Aug. 11, 2020



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Ed Zegray is representing QART, ACRA, and AAESQ at the information and indexation planning sessions held by the coaltion of nine associations of retirees. This page is his means of keeping the membership informed of developments and events.

The Stituation

With the prospect of longer life expectancy and subjected to continuous increases in the cost of living, as retired persons, we face a losing battle of maintaining our quality of life. It is therefore understandable that indexation of pensions surfaces as a major concern to all of us. And this holds without even factoring in the increased medical expenses that we oftentimes encounter, as we grow older. 

Therefore, in an attempt to keep you informed about new developments regarding pensions and indexation, ACRA has decided to create this rubric, a compilation of pertinent articles on pensions and indexation. This page will be updated periodically whenever new related information becomes available. Most recent updates will appear at the top of the list identified with the date on which they were posted. This will allow readers to navigate more efficiently, and to consult previous articles, if need be. 

Ed Zegray