Christmas Project Report 2023

ACRA’s 2023 Christmas Project has wrapped up, and donations to the St. Gabriel’s Food Bank amounted to a very nice $8185. I am sure Sister Dianna will be thanking us all and forwarding tax receipts.
Our involvement with the food bank goes back to ‘the turn of the century’ when Frank Altimus, then principal at St. Gabriel’s elementary school with the help of his vice-principal Art Galardo, solicited their fellow administrators at their annual Christmas gathering to help the food bank.  Frank had found out that recently deceased fellow principal Lou Segatore had been a private generous backer of the food bank, and in his memory maybe Lou’s colleagues might continue to make an annual Christmas donation in support of St. Gabriel’s.  The school administrators responded, and the project began to grow.  Schools also collected non-perishables to augment the Christmas baskets that St. Gabriel’s delivered to needy homes in ‘The Point’.  Many of our members were involved in the school collections and the always eventful basket delivery to homes, both of which carried on until the COVID crisis forced a change to a Christmas voucher system.
As we know, apart from Christmas vouchers, St Gabriel’s runs the year-round food bank.  Our Christmas donations and the funds raised by the Annual ACRA Golf Tournament have become important pillars for the food bank. A few photos taken this week give an indication of its caring operation.  They were taken as volunteers were preparing for the day’s recipients.
On the right is truck renter, driver, and laborer ACRA's John Ryan, then local volunteers Robin, (The Study’s janitor), Mathieu, and JoJo in the truck.

Thank you!
Jerry Dunn , Christmas Project Coordinator


Sister Dianna's Thank You

Dear Mr. Jeannotte,
Thank you for sending this Report, as many times I am just overwhelmed by the support ACRA has been to the Food Bank over the years and still continues to be there for us.  There are times I look at the amount of food we are able to offer all those who come for assistance, and I am so strongly reminded that God looks after his poor.  To think that this food bank is run on donations is more than I could ever imagine and I always think that ACRA is the wind beneath my wings!  I just wrote a letter to Mr. Altimas a few days ago thanking him once again for beginning this project many years ago with the retired administrators.  ACRA has been such a faithful, generous organization and I want to say 'Thank You'  for all the kindness and support the people of Point St. Charles have received.  It is just amazing!
Income Tax receipts along with a thank you letter have been sent out to all the names I was given by Mr. Dunn, who does a wonderful job collecting and organizing the donations, and this year was just mind blowing!  ACRA always comes out on top in my books!
January is almost over, but I am going to wish all a very Happy New Year - good health and happiness.
With a grateful heart,
Sister Dianna


A few moments from the Christmas Luncheon

Larry with the prayer, Terry with his joke, Norma with Santa,Jerry's table, John and Chrlie singing their hearts out